Innovative Research and Therapies Foundation Trustees:

Martin Yarmush, MD, PhD

Professor Martin Yarmush is an internationally recognized bioengineer and biophysical chemist who has demonstrated leadership in biotechnology and bioengineering research. Dr. Yarmush has served on the faculty of Harvard, MIT, and Rutgers University and on the Scientific Advisory Boards of several early-stage Biotechnology companies. Over the last 25 years, Yarmush has published more than 300 refereed journal articles, has mentored over 100 postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, and has co-authored more than 20 patents and patent applications. A frequent invited speaker at major conferences and symposia, and winner of over 25 local and national awards, Dr. Yarmush is known worldwide as one of the leading investigators in the area of molecular and cellular bioengineering through seminal contributions to the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, BioMEMS, applied immunology, metabolic engineering, and genomics and proteomics technologies.

Dr. Yarmush received his MD degree from Yale University and completed PhD work at The Rockefeller University (Biophysical Chemistry) and MIT (Chemical Engineering).

Michael Tal Sharon

Mr. Michael Tal Sharon has been building businesses for over a decade. He has served as a centerpiece for nuturing promising technologies, raising capital, and is best known for building and recruiting winning investment and management teams. Sharon's core work has been in the Technology and Life Sciences sectors and in bringing a passion for social responsibility into the workplace. Sahron works closely with Alternative Energy and Next Generation Materials companies to help bring their products to successful commercialization. In addition to his work within Industry, Michael has played a critical role working pro bono with academia showcasing to scientists the opportunities that await them within the private sector.

Tim Maguire, PhD

Dr. Timothy Maguire has had a cross disciplinary background both within industrial and academic settings. Maguire received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers University. His Ph.D. was in the field Biomedical Engineering and focused on applying novel polymer systems with embryonic stem cells to generate controlled differentiation systems. Maguire also completed NIH-sponsored training programs, the Biotechnology Training Program, and an NSF sponsored IGERT on microscale interfaces. Following the completion of his Ph.D., Maguire went on to work in a formulation group at Merck for 2 years, were he helped to implement new solid dispersion technologies, as well as establish a computational fluid dynamic program. He then went on to work at Hurel Corporation where he was pursuing the creation of in vitro drug screening systems, integrating optimized human hepatocyte cultures with microfluidic systems. He is currently an associate research faculty member at Rutgers University where he is working on bioinformatics, and microfluidics research. Collectively, Maguireā€™s work throughout his career has focused on engineering cells via culture processes, cues, or small molecules, as well as the translation of his research. Over the past 3 years Maguire has published more than 20 peer reviewed journal articles, and has filed three patents. In addition, he has served in numerous translational research groups, and has had proven success in bringing technologies from bench to bedside.