Research Proposal Review Process

In response to a call for proposlas by the IRTF, researchers are encouraged to complete an Invention Review Form. Calls for proposals are advertised to interested organizations and listed on the IRTF home page.

Forms received by IRTF will undergo a “pre-review” internally and investigators will be contacted to discuss any issues that may require clarification.

Completed forms will be sent for review to two to three members of the Donation and Research Tracking committee in relevant areas of scientific expertise.

A scoring system similar to the newly adopted system at the National Institutes of Health is used by the committee, with appropriate evaluation criteria, and grading ranging from 1=exceptional to 9=poor. A formatted critique template will be used by each reviewer to record his/her comments in the form of bullets, making succinct, focused points, relevant to tge proposal's major strengths and weaknesses, i.e., ones that contributed directly to the overall rating of the application.

Based on the reviews, applications will be ranked, and approximately 5 will be selected for funding per grant cycle.