Click on the title to learn more about nanolipoblokers.

Automated Venipuncture Device

Click on the title to learn more about the automated venipuncture device

Hepatocyte Production from Stem Cells

Click on the title to learn more about cellular encapsulation and deriving mature hepatocytes.

Low Cost Solar Cells

Click on the title to learn more about enabling technologies for low cost solar panels.

Explosive Detection

Click on the title to learn more about next generation explosive detection.

Skin Regeneration

Click on the title to learn more about new methods for skin regeneration.

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Updated September 2019:
Please visit our new sponsors supporting our research, including our French counterparts specialized in Flower delivery to France and our colleagues at the University of Bordeaux

Innovative Research and Therapies Foundation (IRTF) combines entrepreneurial savvy and research expertise with individual responsibility to affect positive change. By funding and supporting small and often short-term programs and projects, IRTF is able to help give non-profit entities the financial boost necessary to turn creative ideas into real, sustainable solutions.

"There are so many innovative scientific ideas that achieve some level of success but never reach their full potential due to lack of funding and support. Innovative Research and Therapies Foundation seeks projects that address either societal problems or physiological ailments in a new way, that demonstrate measurable results, and that hold the promise of becoming self-sustaining fairly quickly. There's a real element of accountability with IRTF that helps ensure that the projects we fund achieve real, lasting, and replicable results."

- Tim Maguire, PhD, Founding Trustee, Innovative Research and Therapies Foundation


Research Overview

Success of the Innovative Research and Therapies Foundation (IRTF) will be demonstrated by the translation and increased adoption of funded research. To maximize this potential, IRTF has cast a wide net, and will evaluate research proposals from all research institutes. Those projects with the highest societal impact, and the highest probability for success will be selected for funding.

The major areas of research that IRTF is interested in funding are categorized as follows, and encompass a wide range of interdisciplinary fields.

1. Alternative Energy

2. Medical Devices

3. Cosmeceuticals and Nutraceuticals

4. Cellular and Molecular Therapies

5. Next Generation Materials

6. Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies and Bioinformatics

7. Artificial Intelligence and Smart Systems

For a more detailed description of these areas, please visit the Research Thrusts page.

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